3 Reasons To Invest In Your Health


Let's dive on in to the meat & potatoes of this!

Reason Number 1: Health is Wealth

Listen, I don't care if you want to be the world’s richest man, true wealth is health and as a man, if you’re not taking the extra time to invest into your health just as much you invest into your bank account then you wont even live long enough to be able to enjoy the wealth you accumulated! Being able to wake up every day, knowing your health is in order creates a mentality that almost makes you feel unstoppable because you know your body is going to be able to handle whatever the day throws at you which leads into my next reason. 

Reason Number 2: Better Focus & Performance

As a man that’s journeying through his 20’s & is trying to build a business and just establish himself overall in society, you have to have a clear sense of focus, investing into your health will aid you in that.

See what happens is when you go to the gym and you get a nice workout in, the brain starts to release dopamine which is the feel good chemical hormone in the brain. In a way, when that dopamine is released it becomes addicting! You begin to feel better, you think clearer, and all this helps lead to a better & clearer focus for you throughout the day so you can continue to go about your day & build your empire!

Also you benefit from the extra testosterone that comes from working out as well! As men we need our testosterone to keep us energized & perform at our best so why would you not want more testosterone!?

Reason Number 3: You Last Longer In Bed

Let’s just be honest here fellas, no woman wants a man that can't last 5 minutes in the bedroom when it's time to handle business. One of the key things that keep some of us from falling short in bed is actually our diet! Eating fast food, getting high, drawing our kidneys with liquor literally DESTROYS your sex perfomances and if you take the time to CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS and eat more fruit and veggies then combine that with a good workout routine, you’ll begin to see yourself lasting longer in bed AND actually having harder erections & probably special treatment from your woman!

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