Benefits of Hustling With Purpose

Benefits of Hustling with Purpose

Hustle (verb) 1. To strive headstrong and voraciously towards a goal.

I remember when I was in high school, hustling to me was all about making as much money as I could as fast as I could.

I didn't seek making money by illegal measures but you better believe I did anything else I could.

I worked at a car wash or any job that would hire an 14-16 year old teenager, took out trash for a dollar, hell even towards my senior year of high school I started teaching boxing lessons for $5 bucks after school.

A lot of the hustling I was doing as a kid wasn't for a bigger purpose though if Im being honest. It's not like my mom was really forcing me to work.

I was just a young man that wanted his own money. Simple.

Overtime though, hustling for money didn't truly satisfy me.

It was around 2018 when I was in my first semester in college. I had quit working at Six Flags a few weeks prior because the environment wasn't really serving me any more - I also wanted to switch my focus back to boxing and fitness.

Halfway through the semester, college started to bore me and if we're being completely honest, I didn't want to go to college either lol. (I did it because my mom wanted me to so you know how that be.)

I started getting back highly into entrepreneurship & I knew that building a business in the fitness space at the time was something I really wanted to do.

Eventually, I started skipping school to film fitness content at the school's gym for my Instagram and occasionally I would also catch the bus and visit every gym in my county just to do some type of networking.

Now lets be 100% clear, I was not making ANY money from making content or networking, but if we're being honest... I wasn't trying to.

My focus was getting up everyday to do something that was going to help me build my brand back then.

That in return gave me purpose, drive, and even better fulfillment & when the semester was over, I realized hustling for purpose can be way more rewarding than hustling for money.

A Reason To Wake Up

The biggest benefit for hustling for purpose is the fact you can wake up excited every fucking day.

Aren't you tired of waking up day after day dreading for work?

How many times have you went to bed the night before going to work ready to call out before you even clocked in the next morning?

How many times do you walk into your job with an attitude because you dont want to be there?

You probably pray or even smoke a morning blunt before walking in work just to tolerate the bullshit for the day huh?

Thats no way to live & you dont have to live this way.

See when you switch your mindset to hustle for purpose instead of money you begin to actually have a "why" you look forward to waking up every morning.

Your "why" is like the fuel needed to keep your engine alive when pursuing anything in life. The stronger the why, the more likely you are to stick to it.

There's a book called "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek that you can check out here ( )

Good Dopamine Rewards

As humans we are dopamine junkies. We like to feel good. We like to be rewarded with things that makes us feel good.

We're constantly seeking our next fix of dopamine in our everyday life & nowadays dopamine is easy to come by but there's just one problem..

The dopamine that most people look for in today's world is cheap artificial dopamine.

Things like:

  • porn

  • social media

  • meme accounts

  • sex

  • junk food

All these are sources of cheap dopamine because they gives us instant gratification without us having to put any really effort into it.

This isn't by mistake because obviously we live in a world full of convenience and everything is pretty much right at our finger tips.

Knowing that this cheap dopamine is so easy to obtain, hustling for purpose is a great way to build a balance of practicing something called "delayed gratification".

This form of gratification gives a higher reward of dopamine and makes us feel really good about ourselves.

Think about the time you finished reading a really good book or finished working on a personal project.

Remember how good you felt afterwards?

That's because delayed gratification leaves you more energized and actually more motivated to achieve more than what you already have did.

Cheap dopamine sources only have you feeling good in the moment but then your left feeling guilty or miserable after indulging in whatever cheap dopamine source you indulged in.

If you can find ways to replace your cheap dopamine sources with more activities or habits that bring you a greater sense of gratification, eventually all your habits can help lead you to hustling for a greater sense of purpose.

Passion Brings Profits

Im going to keep this one simple because I genuinely cant make this any more easier to understand.

When you focus on building your business or skill out of the simple love for the passion & purpose it brings out of you, the profit WILL come to you naturally.

My #1 Passion is Martial Arts, it's always has been and when Im making content online sharing my martial arts philosophy Im always overfilled with joy and ambition to keep creating content.

I was doing a lot of this for free way before the money started coming in and Im gonna tell you now, PEOPLE WILL INVEST INTO YOU WHEN THEY CAN SEE YOUR PASSION FOR WHAT YOU DO!

When I wrote my first book, I remember I showed it to a close brother of mine & he was asking me about it. In that moment, my passion took over because martial arts philosophy is something I can talk about for hours on end.

He ended up being captivated & drawn in by my passion for martial arts philosophy that he not only offered to buy my unfinished copy of my book but he also bought it for TWICE for the amount I was going to sell it!

Here I am, shocked that someone was so interested in what I thought not many people may care to here.

Then this same instance happened again & again as I went to different pop up shop & martial art events.

Thats when I learned people buy into you & your passion more than anything. Your product is just what brings you both together.

So What's The Word Rasta Man?

We have to step away from the mindless notion of hustling every day just to get a bag because that ideology will leave feeling unfulfilled for the rest of your life.

What's the point of hustling so hard to make some money when you dont feel any sense of fulfillment or purpose to even do it?

This is how a lot of us become slaves to money; we become another pawn to the hustle culture that will lead us no where but to a life of mediocrity and disappointment.

Today, I challenge you to switch your mindset & start hustling in ways thats going to magnify your sense of purpose so you can live the life you truly deserve.

Sidenote: I also have "Hu$tle with Purpose" hoodies available on my website if that interest you. I'll leave a link here (

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