Escape Your Old Life in 3 Months

Escape Your Old Life in 3 Months

(At the time I am writing this)

87 days...

12 weeks...

2 months and 4 weeks...

Thats how much time we have until 2024.

This year, just like any other year, has had lots of highs and lots of lows.

At this current moment, I'm going through an interesting low but yet I feel myself slowly changing trajectory to shoot high for the fucking stars.

I've recently been doing a personal experiment on myself in seeing how much I could change in just 6 months.

This project is actually what birthed my newest up coming eBook You in 6 Months & the 6 Month Digital Planner.

It's been 3 months since the start of this project and truthfully so much has changed for me mentally & physically first.

I realized that in order to really get the new life that I want, I have to be willing to undergo a phase of intense learning.

I have to train my mind & body - as cliche as it sounds- to be ready to handle the type of life that I want.

In short, I know I want to:

  • make my first 6 figures from my online business

  • write everyday (journaling, newsletters, projects, etc.)

  • compete 2-3x a year in martial arts tournaments

As I like to say, monetize my lifestyle.

But I knew that If I wanted to do that then I have to train my body and mind to reinforce my actions in alignment with that disred goal.

So now, after 3 months I've learned some strategies and lessons that have given me insight on what I will be doing the next 3 months so I can be ahead for 2024.

Let me share them with you.

Deep Work Is Key

When I first started this experiment I was reading 2 books that changed the way I looked at productivity.

Those books were Deep Work by Cal Newport & Atomic Habits by James Clear.

These books taught me how our lives are just a sum of small habits we have made over a period of time.

Deep Work taught me that when you give yourself a specfic time block to work on a certain task, you get more done with better use of your energy.

These 2 books lead me to finding the 1 hour rule which is basically a rule saying 1 hour day is all you need to reach mastery in a skill and put you ahead of 95% of avarage people.

With all these principles in mind, in July I made it a personal habit every day to dedicate my first 4 hours of my morning to making YouTube videos for 30 days straight.

The first week I started it, I missed only one day, then I continued posting Monday through Friday without fail.

I noticed that the more I made videos every morning, it started to rewire my brain to shift my night routine.

When most nights I would just fall asleep watching Netflix, I started to sit at my desk and plan out videos for the morning.

By initiating the first habit to make a video every morning, it created a new habit of planning videos every night before bed.

(I dont make daily videos anymore now, i was just testing some content strategies)

Time Blocking

Mid August, I had started building my Newsletter and with that I had to set aside time for all of my writing.

I used to just only journal in the morning but even then that wasnt daily, usually 3 to 4 times out the week or sometimes once a week.

The Newsletter gave me a reason to start writing daily again.

I had to set aside time for everything ranging from:

  • Twitter

  • Newsletter

  • Content Ideas

  • Personal Projects

So to simplify this I created a schedule and set time blocks for my writing.

I'd write my Newsletter on Tuesdays and Thursdays & then work on Tweets & other projects on Mondays & Wednesdays.

For each task I'd dedicate at least 1 to 2 hours to this task.

If it only takes 100 hours to achieve some level of basic master in a skill, I want to maximize my growth so why not progressively overload my time in mastering a skill?

Within just 3 months I have learned over 500 hours of how to write impactful, high value driven, authority building content to grow a my personal brand.

It's a slow grind but there has been growth and truthfully thats what matters most.

You have to always remember that you cannot rush your growth into a new life.

You have to be willing to go through the slowly march of the unknowing, fall on your ass a little bit until you can learn enough to give you momentum.

Plant the seed today.

Dedicate time to water and nurture that seed daily.

Then over time you will have a harvest you can benefit from.

Fitness Is Mandatory

Fitness has always been a crucial part of my day to day life for the past 10 years.

It's my outlet for stress, anxiety, and truthfully it helps me with my inner confidence.

Back when I was 19 trying to figure out how to become a better man, I didn't know where to start on the mental side but I did know how start on the physical side.

So I started dedicating 2 hours, 3 hours, and some days 5 hours to just training (this was during the time when I was in college and was also boxing 5 times a week).

That consistent training made my body change very quickly and as my body evolved, my mind evolved.

I started to view myself differently. I started to think of my self differently.

The confidence boost I got from working out start to spill into other aspects of my life that allowed me to also become confident enough in becoming the man I wanted to become

Sometimes even when you dont know what to do with your life, something as simple as starting a workout routine can be the first step to becoming a new you.

Write That Sh*t Down

I recently just started calling myself a writer back in August.

I've been writing since high school because writing has always been my outlet to make sense of my world.

In 2018, I had set the goal and mindset that I no longer wanted to pursue a career as a professional fighter.

Instead, I decided to become a great martial arts philosopher and spread my martial wisdom to others (hence the purpose of this newsletter lol)

From that day, I bought a journal where I wrote down every

  • goal

  • business idea

  • philosophy

  • workout

and any other thing that pretty much came to mind to make better sense of the future I wanted for my life.

After all these years, I realized the more you write down an idea, goal, or dream will increase the odds of that said thing to become true.

I wanted to become a philosopher and impact people with my martial arts philosophy.

I wrote it down so many times and then eventually I wrote & published my first book and started impacting people with my martial philosophy.

(I've been referring my first and second book a lot so just incase you want to check them out, I'll leave a link to my book here)

I recently made a tweet about refining ideas that I'll show below.

Most people run through thousands of ideas that they have ONE TIME but never find the success or fulfillment they're looking for because they never spent enough time refining ONE idea.

I used to do this same exact shit; thats why Im telling you how negatively it can impact you.

Instead of cycling through ideas like some mindless game, pick ONE idea that you want to see come to life and spend every single day building that idea into the vision you have in mind.

You can practice 10,000 kicks one time and not know anything or you can practice 1 kick 10,000 times and become an master in that skill.

So what's the word Rasta Man?
Thats it! I really hope you enjoyed this one.

As you all know, today is the day my new eBook comes out "You in 6 Months" as well as the digital planner.

I just want to thank all of you for supporting everything that I do because I do these things in hopes it makes your life better in some kind of way.

I know what it's like to be lost in the sauce and struggling to figure shit out and thats why we pass on our knowledge so we can uplift each other in the process.

"A village is only as strong as the people willing to protect it." (A quote for my Afrikan Warrior Wisdom Book.


Rasta Riek aka "The Rasta Man”

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