Mastering the Art of Writing for Online Success

Mastering the Art of Writing for Online Success

Every advance skill is birthed through a basic skill.
The Jab is a basic punch in Boxing. As you practice that one punch, you begin to evolve that technique overtime.
Writing is the basic punch for creating content. You must master it to evolve your writing thus bettering your content and scaling your business.
What most business owners & content creators dont understand is what makes good writing for their online business.
Most tend to write as if they we're submitting a paper for a college essay.
The beauty of writing online is that you are rewarded more by writing in your own unique voice. This is how you attract your idle readers and build a readership that will give your brand longevity.
Let's begin.

Transitioning to the Digital Battlefield

The world of business is shifting into digital warfare regardless if you like it or not. This our new reality now.
The old business concepts you've been taught like "niching down", won't give you the best long term success online.
To be successful on the digital battlefield, you have to turn yourself into a niche of ONE and use your skills, hobbies, and expertise to build a unique audience.
Imagine yourself as a Emperor of a vast nation. Your nation is your brand & the people that live within your nation is your core audience.
(You can read my past newsletter about digital warfare here where I break down every soldier in your nation.)
The people in your nation support you because of your unique view points and the services/products you provide that makes their life better.
Overtime, as you continue to build and nurture this unique audience, you will eventually get to a point where you dont have to do old business tactics like:
  • cold calling
  • cold emails
  • sending out flyers
Though those tactics can work, especially in the early stages of building an online business, you want to build a core audience so vast to where you create your own customers.
You can only do this by shifting your mindset into being the most authentic version of yourself, posting your interest, and providing value that will enhance the quality of other people lives.

Art of Writing Mastery: How to Craft Compelling Content:

Every piece of content is writing. It is the foundational technique for every single piece of content you consume.
Most people tend to over look this and then wonder why they are getting low engagement or low conversion rates on their landing pages.
Without good writing, you can't draw your audience in to begin with. Being able to master the art of writing is what's going to help you find victory with building your online business.
There are 3 disciplines of writing that you must master first to become a better writer:
  1. Copywriting
  2. Storytelling
  3. Persuasive Writing
You learn copywriting so you can create better landing pages or emails that will help you convert more sales.
You learn storytelling to capture a person's attention with a transformational value driven story. People love a great story especially when they feel like they relate to the story itself or when the transformation is a desire they also have.
You learn persuasive writing to get people to agree to your worldview. This is KEY to writing content on social media like X because this is what is ultimately going to get you more followers as your writing improves.
An Emperor can't recruit new citizens into their nation without a good persuasive argument as to why they should join in the first place.
In a sense, all three of these disciplines are branches of the same structure, but just like martial arts every discipline has something unique about it that separates it from its distant predecessor.

Leveraging Writing Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

The future of business belongs to the ones that master online writing.
This one skills can help you achieve freedom, allowing you to win back your time and start living the life that you desire most.
Mastering this skill will give you leverage to also start other businesses in the future or position your life into any other avenue you desire.
All by simply spending 2 to 4 hours of writing content online and producing digital info based products.
Why spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads when you can you can post your expertise by writing content online to your unique target audience?
Creating a Newsletter is a great way to build leverage for your online business because as you build your audience, as long as people enjoy your content & gain value from it, you'll have an unlimited database of people that you can market and sale to at any given moment.
Going back to our Emperor analogy, the people you capture in your email list become the citizens of your empire and as your population grows you continuously build more leverage to market any new products or services to the people in your empire.
Naturally, building an audience takes time, but if you already have an email list of people that have bought from your business, all you need to do is become better at writing and give your audience more value.
In return, your audience will naturally feel compelled to compensate you for the value you have given them & become buying customers.

So what's the word Rasta Man?

If you want to become a master at writing online & want help getting started, click here.
The future of your business is dictated on your ability to master this one skill.
Until the next one.
Rasta Riek aka "The Rasta Man"
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