Mastering The Digital Battlefield

Mastering The Digital Battlefield

Mastering The Digital Battlefield (Dominate the Game of Online Business)

Business is war.

No great Empire was able to become great with out indulging in financial warfare because money is how wars are fueled.

Money is one of the main resources that will take your Empire, or brand, from just a small local town to a true power house.

The bad news is the biggest problem that most people face can either be

  • going into a battle that you dont know how to win

  • not knowing the rules before stepping on the battlefield

The good news is that the solution has been in your face for years- it's literally in front of you right now- and it also helps equal the playing field against the veterans big boss companies.

The power resides in using your phone to Master Digital Warfare.

In this letter I'm going to share with you a a concept I built from playing chess so you can better understand how to build your personal brand and master the game of modern day business.

Let the game begin.

The Recruiter and The Distributor

The first two pieces work hand to hand with each other because they are your first line of offense and dense on the digital battle filed.

These pieces are your Pawn and Knight.

Pawn aka "The Recruiter"

The Pawn's job is to assimilate itself within the digital battlefield.

It must "become" the battlefield itself by positioning itself in a strong strategic space in hopes to control some form of digital real-estate on the board.

  • Twitter/X

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Facebook

  • Threads

  • Snapchat

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn

Any form of social media where you can interact with others directly online serves as your recruiter.

Now from experience, when you're first starting out its best to pick one platform to start with.

You can use this platform to test your ideas and build leverage over time.

Then once you build your following, you can then drive traffic to other platforms with that following you've built.

This is why the Pawn is the Recruiter, to recruit new members into your audience.

Your brand.

Your Digital Empire.

Knight aka "The Distributer"

The Knight's job is to provide resources as well as scouting the battle field for new forces to join your ranks.

Those resources are the free content you make that provides value to your target audience.

Free content like

  • e-books

  • guides

  • workout plans

  • habit trackers

  • digital planners

Any kind of free resource you can create digitally can be a valuable resource for your target audience.

You distribute these free products by promoting them on social media - your recruiter.

The free resources distributes value to your audience that solves a problem or changes their life in an impactful way.

This is how you build authority and trust for your brand as well.

Truthfully, position these two pieces correctly and you can start making money online within 100 days or less.

(If you want more help on how to do that, then click here and it'll take you to my calendly where you can hop on a free call so we can talk.)

The Gatekeeper & The Joker

The next two pieces serve to keep all your new recruits IN the Empire, the brand.

You've done all that work to gain them so you should also put in work to keep them if you want them to stay in your brand and hopefully bring others in so you can grow your digital empire even more.

Let's start with the Gatekeeper or as I like to call it, "Castillo".

Gatekeeper aka "Castillo"

Castillo's job is to keep the new forces in the empire once they are recruited.

They serve as a gateway behind the Empire's walls.

Once new forces have joined the empire, it shows that you have successfully grown your empire by 1 individual.

The Castillo of your online business will represents softwares like:

  • Newsletters

  • An Email Lists

  • A Clientele Tracker

You want any form of being able to captures someone's name, number, or email.

In this new Digital Warfare ere we are truly in a battle of information or data. Having data is one of the greatest online asset you can have in this battle.

Once this information, or data, is captured in a digital software they are now YOUR people hosted on your digital space.

(Social Media followers are NOT a sign of people that are in your Empire because you do not own the information on those platforms.)

The Joker aka "Bishop"

The Bishop's job is to support the Gatekeeper, Queen, & King on the battlefield.

They do that by indirectly controlling a long range of space with a unique weapon.

That weapon is "Personality & Authenticity".

This gives your new forces a reason to connect with you because people want to feel like they're are actually talking to a person, not a "sales representative" .

These two weapons are the KEY to supporting your entire Digital Empire.

Without it, your new forces will see no reason to like you and stay apart of your brand.

(You can watch a quick video I made about the power of authenticity here.)

The First Lady aka "Queen"

A man is only as strong as the woman that holds him

~ Beverly Jenkins, For Your Love

The Queen is the hook, line, and sinker.

She wins the trust of the new forces by nurturing them with overwhelming value.

She represents your core offer either being a product or service.

She is the solution to your audience problems.

Without your Queen, you won't be able to leave a grand impact on your people as a whole.

Sure, free content is valuable and can grow your Empire, but your Queen delivers a value so immense that makes your audience see that you will provide a solution to their problems.

This allows you to become an authority in your niche making your audience see the power within you.

The Emperor aka "King"

The Emperor is the FACE of the entire empire as well as the head War strategist in Digital Warfare.

The King, represents you, the brand.

You are the brand!

As the King, it is your duty to make sure you strategize how you will move your pieces effectively on the battlefield so you can build your Empire to is true glory!

Without, you your entire empire will crumble to the ground.

You make the brand, dont let the brand make you!

So Whats the Word Rasta Man?

There aren't any closing remarks for this letter.

I just hope you can use this information to help you build your online business to where you want it to be.

If you want more help and insight on how to build your personal brand, then click here to hop on a call with me and I can help you create a plan to scale.

I wish you a grand victory on your conquest to greatness in this digital battlefield.



Rasta Riek aka "The Rasta Man"

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In this book I will be giving you the foundation of high I improved my mental health, fitness, and skillsets so you can achieve the a new version of yourself.

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