Redefining Your Frequency: Transforming Your Life With Small Daily Habits

Redefining Your Frequency: Transforming Your Life With Small Daily Habits

Life is like music.

The life we live is our own personal song and every action, thought, and decision we make is like a verse or music not within this melody.

As we live, we reach points in our melody where the rhythm is broken; we become lost. Our once beautiful song starts to crumble and shift into a ear aching sound of chaos.

This horrible analogy is to illustrate how our lives can fall apart when we start to live out of tune

Most people get stuck living in this out of tune lifestyle because they don't understand they have the power to control the the music of their life.


Just like in boxing, life will have a consistent rhythm but outside factors that aren't in your control will throw off that rhythm, it is up to you to intercept it, take back control, and reclaim the frequency you want to live for your life.

This may not be easy but doesn't have to be hard as long as you know where to start.

Reprograming Your Mind

Our worldview is shaped by the thoughts, knowledge, and experiences we gain as we live life.

Because of this, to change your current lifestyle into something grander, you have to start with reprograming the thoughts and behaviors you've already have.

This is obviously easier said than done, but there are 3 things you can that I found to be the most helpful with reprograming the mind.

Those things are:

  1. Reading & Podcasts

  2. Mentorship

  3. Journaling

Reading & Podcasts

Reading and listening to podcast is the easiest way to rewire your brain because you have the control to dictate what kind of knowledge goes into your mind.

When you were a child, you had no choice but to listen to adults and do as you were told.

The information and wisdom you gained as a child is what shaped your current worldview, thus creating this frequency you currently vibrate at.

Being an adult, you have the power to go against what you were taught if you no longer agree with it and then find new information from books, podcasts, newsletters, and any other resources that can help you achieve the new frequency you wish to vibrate at.

Prime example, I was raised in a southern country family that eats every part of the pig from the "roota to the toota".

The more I started learning about nutrition and fitness at a young age, thats how I learned about plant based eating, the new information I learned started to challenge my world view and interrupted the frequency I was living on for so long.

Eventually, I stopped resisting the new frequency of healthy eating because I realized the lifestyle I wanted to live was centered on the plant based eating lifestyle.

So it made sense for me to stop eating meat & switch to a plant based diet because eating meat no longer served the frequency my life was heading towards.

(Sidenote: I've been 3 years meat free but I did try fish and shrimp earlier this year after 3 years and I will say hands down... eating meat is not worth it no more Lol)


Having a mentor is also a great way to reprogram your mind because it makes logical sense to learn from someone that is already living the life you want to live.

If you want to spend your life painting and doing art, find a mentor that spends their life doing nothing but art and learn their philosophies that helped them achieve the lifestyle they live.

When you have mentors, your brain is forced to rewire itself because you're constantly absorbing the thoughts, experiences, wisdom, and philosophies that has already achieved exactly what you’re are trying to achieve.


Writing is therapy and if you're not keeping a consistent habit of journaling, you are missing out on a plethora of transformational benefits.

Journaling is a great and simple way to make sense of your thoughts. When you’re taking action to rewire your brain, it is crucial to take note of your current thoughts and behaviors so you can gain a clearer view of what it is you are trying to change.

Journaling also helps well with creating your idle future. Even if you dont know exactly what kind of life you want to live, by constantly writing in your journal you will begin to paint a clearer picture of what you want from your life.

Over time you will soon be able to create goals for yourself that will give you something to aim for, forcing you to change your thoughts and actions to be in alignment with that written goal.

Growth = Time Under Pressure

Growth is a beautiful thing.

Most people are attracted to growth because of the perks and benefits. We vision the good things we want from growth and that is what sparks us to seek it.

The moment growing pains kick in, which are the stress factors that forces a person to grow, this is when most people give up.

Growth can never be achieved without these growing pains. You must experience a certain level of pressure whether that be spiritual, physical, or mental, or a certain period of time in order to see growth in your life.

The Benefits of Starting Projects

Projects are a great way to manifest your new reality faster. It forces you to put yourself in a position where you have to apply what you've learned.

If your goal is to shift the frequency of your life to become a wildlife photographer, then starting a Calendar project will force you to go out and take photos of wildlife so you can create your calendar.

Projects are a means for you to dive deep into a passion or skills and absorb all information you need to apply to your own life.

In return this information helps you build the new life you want for yourself and the projects give you experience, boosting your confidence and overall skill level in that activity.

Im currently working on a 90 Day writing project and Im currently on day 38 as I write this.

Before starting this project, years before I ever had a newsletter, I already knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life practicing martial arts, lifting weights, and writing about it.

So I started this challenge to master my skill in content writing because writing for content purposes is a completely different skill from writing in college.

After 4 months, I have mastered the basic concepts of

  • Copywriting

  • Content writing

  • Persuasive writing

  • Storytelling/ Transformations

The next goal is to take my mastered basics of writing and expand that level of mastery for monetization.

Writing to provide value was the first step, the next step is monetizing that writing(enough about me though lol)

So what's the word Rasta Man?

You shift your frequency by indulging in small habits.

Journaling, mentors, reading, projects; there are so many different ways you can shift the frequency of your life.

It's up to you to find the path that is most suited for you so you can vibrate at the right frequency.

If you're looking for some extra guidance, click here to book a free 30 minute consulting call and I'll help you gain more clarity on how you can shift the direction of your life.

Until the next one,


Rasta Riek aka "The Rasta Man"


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