The Art of Commitment

I remember growing up and first learning about discipline. If you did something wrong you received "disciplinary" actions. This could have been whooping, time outs, being grounded, or anything of that nature. This was all done to make a child a "better well behaved" child.

What I find interesting though is why do some people get disciplined confused with commitment? Also, why is it that discipline is highlighted more than commitment? 

If you asked me, I would argue that to be committed to something is to show discipline in its highest, most greatest from.

Why though?

To me, to commit yourself to a person, task, routine, or goal is to say "Im going to stick to this now matter what!" No matter how long it takes, no matter what is thrown at you, you keep pushing the fight until the desired result is achieved. For this reason, when we bring in the topic of "self discipline", commitment is a way a person can discipline themselves when striving to achieve a goal.

All the time, people set goals and the moment the fall short or when the road gets rough they just go "Oh well, fuck it! I tried" and then it just is what it is. Where is the discipline in that? I'll tell you where, there is none!

People fail ONE time and be ready to just give up & quit. You'll never be able to see your growth if you just quit before you truly get started. 

My martial arts teacher, Sijo Steve Muhammad one of the greatest Black Karate Instructors in the world, taught me that the thought of losing does not exist and overstated that a person who is committed lives by this mentality.

When a person is committed to a certain cause, it doesn't matter what is thrown at them; every single day they wake up with a warrior mentality dedicated to sticking to their cause ready to face & fight their challenges head on. In an essence, it is our level of commitment that brings out our true discipline because the act of waking up every day to achieve a goal, cause, or whatever the desired result maybe forges us to be a more disciplined individual.

The only question left to answer is how does one stay and remain committed to something?

That answer is simple but yet holds many layers depending how deep a person wishes to dive in. Here's my answer, you must discover a reason as to why you want to be committed to anything because without a solid why, you'll have no reason to stick to anything you wish to do. You'll only dabble and play with your own ambitions and desires. You'll never reach your true potential without a "why' binds you to your desired goal.

Remember the wise words of Sijo Steve Muhammad, the thought of losing does not exist & a warrior of life adopts this mindset in order to fight the challenges of life, to stay committed to their cause, and achieve the desired outcome!

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