The Best Fitness Tips For Complete Beginners

The Best Fitness Tips For Complete Beginners



The biggest thing standing in your way in terms of starting your fitness journey is simply knowing where to start.

Countless of times I have had friends, clients, and people on social media ask me:

"How do I get started weight training?"

"What exercises should I do?'

"What should my training split look like?"

Asking all these questions is good because when you start a fitness journey with no sense of direction, that can lead you to:

  • feeling unmotivated to start all together

  • seeing no actual physical progress

  • being inconsistent in the gym

When I first started working out, I had these same exact issues.

I started off doing nothing but ab workouts and shoulder workouts for 1-2 months before I learned what a proper workout routine even looked like.

My weight seemed to never move on the scale because I didn't know anything about calorie intake and I had my diet all over the place.

It took a lot of trial and era over the years, but it's through my consistent efforts and eagerness to learn that I was able to finally gain the wisdom I needed to advance to my fitness journey.

What I learned is that, it really doesn't matter how new you are or how advanced you get on your journey because at the end of the day these 4 tips will serve as your basic foundation for the rest of your fitness journey.

Training Systems

Training routines, or as I like to call them "training systems", is how you split up your routine through out the week.

When you're a beginner, chances are you're not going to be starting off training 6 days a week doing chest one day and bis & tris another day.

Back when I was personal training, I told my clients that they actually only need 3 solid training days a week to have a good routine.

So a simple training routine that most beginners would benefit from would be something like Push Pull Legs.

This training split is designed for you to work pushing muscles lets say Monday(Chest, Shoulders, Triceps), pulling muscles on Wednesday(Biceps, Back, Traps), and legs on Friday.

I used to follow this split & I will say, if you follow this split while incorporating the other tips mentioned in this article, you'll actually see a lot of growth even with only 3 days of training a week.

A training system I personally use now is S.C.S:




In short, my training system helps me focus on growth in overall strength output, combat efficiency from martial arts practice, and improving my speed and overall athleticism.

This is more of what I like to called a 'Hybrid Martial Artist" training style because in most martial arts & MMA training, it's going to be heavy cardio and conditioning based.

This training method is to help maximize the efficiency of the body when applied to different situations - ultimately just making a person a well round fit individual.

Calories In vs Calories Out

"The 80/20 principle for weight loss refers to the thought that 80% of your weight loss comes from diet and 20% from exercise"

~ Chef Sky Hanka from Article

Another HUGE mistake I've seen people make time and time again when starting their fitness journey is not paying attention to the amount of calories they are taking in.

I dont care if your focus is weight loss or weight gain; you have to be mindful of how many calories you consume on a regular basis as well as how many calories you burn on a regular basis.

To help you get your foot in the door, our bodies burn a certain amount of calories every single day just to keep us alive and perform regular human functions like breathing.

That is called BMR; Body Metabolic Rate.

Click here to find your BMR.

Once you have your BMR identified and know how many calories you need on a daily basis just to live your life, you can now take another tool like MyFitnessPal & use that app to track how many calories you consume and burn on a daily basis.

MyFitnessPal is a fitness tracker app that allows you to place nutrition goals to help you reach your weight goals.

You can set up an account with MyFitnessPal for free and instantly start logging in the food you have consumed for today; now you no longer have to guess if your eating too much or too little.

Again, you can also track your workouts so you can see how many calories you're burning during your training sessions as well as back log your workouts and have data that you can go back on to see how much you have progressed.

I have been using MyFitnessPal for almost 10 years now & I still use it to track my calorie intake for when Im trying to lose body fat or put on extra muscle.

Understanding Progressive Overload

Now for a lot of you first starting out, there will come a point where training will start to become easy and you may feel like you're no longer seeing progress.

Don't worry, plateaus do happen.

Moments like this is when you maximize the principle of progressive overload.

This principle is when you gradually increase the intensity of an exercise when stregnth training to improve your overall performance.

Take an exercise like push ups for example.

When you first started, 10-20 push ups was probably hard as hell for you to do right?

Then as you build up & got stronger over time, 40 - 50 push ups without stopping was nothing for you. It became so easy to where you dont even break a sweat nor see any real growth form them anymore.

We combat that by switching from regular push ups to something harder like diamond push ups.

Simply by changing the type of push ups we do, we have now made the movement more challenging perform. Allowing us to benefit from the principle of progressive overload so we can begin to see progression again from our training.

You can apply this concept to all forms of training as well.

1 mile run getting too easy? Run 2-3 miles.

Heavy Bag workouts too easy? Try using a shorter rest period with longer rounds.

Anyway you can make an exercise more challening than what it already is for you is how you can apply the progressive overload principle.

So Whats The Word Rasta Man?

The word for this one simple.


Yes there will be more fitness information you will learn along the way.

Yes there is more basic information we could have touched on in this newsletter, but is okay.

You dont need someone to force your mind with information upon information- you literally just started.

Use this information as your foundation and just build on top of it as you gain experience!

The most important thing is to just START!

The first best time to start your fitness journey was yesterday.

The second best time is today!


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