The Warriors Way Of Achieving Goals

The Warriors Way Of Achieving Goals

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
~ Mike Tyson
Every time we set out to achieve a new goal we have signed a declaration of war with ourselves.
We have accepted the terms & conditions that the goal we want to achieve will be challenging, but we are still willing to charge in head first to achieve our victory.
They say every war is won before it even start which is true, but what happens if that plan we spent so long creating goes wrong?
What do we do if we have to change our entire course of action?
How do we pivot fast enough so we can adapt to our situation?
In order to accomplish any of that, I highly recommend the warrior approach to achieving goals.
By using a Warrior's mentality, we can see the world for what it truly is, which is a battlefield that is filed with unforgiving challenges meant for us to endure, overcome, & conquer to become stronger individuals.

The 5 Keys to Victory

The 5 keys to victory is a simple framework I created when I was still coaching for martial arts tournaments. This 5 step system is how I trained my students to engage their opponent so they can know exactly how to go about the battle and adjust at any moment they needed to.
The steps are as followed:
  • Engage
  • Exploit
  • Counter
  • Regroup
  • Finish
These 5 steps are to help you understand how to approach your goals, discover the strengths you have and explore what challenges you have in regards to that goal.
We have to always remember that how we start the fight is important. You never want to charge into a battle head first with no plan because you will fuck around and find out real fast how challenging achieving your goals can be.
Engaging your goal the right way is always going to be the first thing to start with because we gotta sk ourselves, " Is my goal realistically attainable?"
When you engage your goals by asking yourself a series of questions first, you begin to gain better clarity of:
  • who you are right now as a person
  • your capabilities
  • our true outlook on achieving the goal itself
  • your vision
When Im setting new goals, I tend to always start with a series of questions first. As people, sometime we can over measure or under measure our goals but when we take a moment to analyze ourselves and the situation at hand, we can then better assess the possibilities of actually achieving the goal we have set for ourselves.
Regrouping is also just as important as engagement because sometimes the tables can turn in a fight and when life starts getting the upper hand on you its time to switch up the pace.
A Warrior Minded person uses regrouping as a moment to process new information that was learned in the fight.
You then take that information to make adjustments on your behalf and once you have made the needed adjustments you should in theory be able to go back into the fight with a game plan to finish and achieve the win.
Look at Floyd Mayweather for example. When he fought Conor McGregor in 2017, McGregor Karate Southpaw Fighting Style was very awkward for Floyd.
He had to figure out how to not take so much damage from the left hand while also trying to figure out McGregor's weaknesses so he can exploit them.
Floyd started to notice in between rounds that McGregor was becoming gas & winded from the high combination of punches mixed with flurries of awkward moves that is not common to boxing.
So what did Floyd do?
He switched his game plan from fighting in his traditional Philly Shell style to fighting in a more "forward" mexican style of boxing; utilizing body shots as a means to make McGregor more fatigued and bringing him into the deep end in the later rounds.
This is a prime example of understanding both engagement & regrouping and you can see this example in many many other wars or martial arts competitions through history.
I made a free guide in greater detail on how to use each key to your advantage when setting goals. It's completely free- you can chose to pay $0 or whatever you like- and you can access the guide here.

The Mindset of a Warrior

"The thought of losing does not exist."
~ Sijo Steve Muhammad
It was my Karate teacher that told me this quote. The first time we go into a bout thinking we will lose is the moment we already lost.
He taught to always have it in mind that losing does not exist and that our victory is given to us by the Most High.
We all have the capability to overcome adversity, but the one thing that separates warriors from average people is the mindset they have when faced with adversity.
A warrior has no problem walking into a a challenge with the mindset of winning because in war you have only 2 options- win or die trying.
Average people tend to run home before the battlefield even trembles. They become fearful just from the thought of having to face something thats challenging.
They tend to lack confidence within themselves and that lack of confidence is essentially what leads them to having a defeated mentality before even giving themselves a chance to fight.
The easiest way you can build the mindset of a warrior is to do 2 very important things:
  1. Embrace doing hard shit
  2. Build self confidence by doing more hard shit
Some shit is just going to suck ass regardless if you want to do it or not. I'll tell you the God's honest truth that I dont like editing videos.
Dont get me wrong, recording is always fun, but editing is a vary long and time consuming task with YouTube but the only way I'll ever reach my goals on YouTube is by taking the time to give 110% effort to editing my videos every time.
Sure I could outsource and pay someone to edit my videos but I feel like that the easy route to take. Warriors dont search for easy because an easy life creates weak men.
Life shouldn't be easy. I believe it should have some sort of challenge to it because anything worth happen will require some work but life should be simple.
A lot of times the simplest things we should be doing can be the hardest things to do.
The more you can embrace doing hard things, the easier & simpler your life can be in the future. The more hard things you accomplish, the more confident you will be in your skills to achieve more goals.

So Whats The Word Rasta Man?

The Warrior Mindset can be the "sword" that helps you cut your way through adversity.
They say that the mind is the strongest weapon a person can possess, but if a person was to adopt the mindset of a warrior, how much more stronger would they be compared to the average person?
I believe that with the warrior mindset, your strength is only limited by your ability to use the 5 keys of victory given in this article.
You can take this new mindset and use it to achieve your goals in fitness, business, realtionships, and really in any aspect of your life in general becasue always remeber that "war" can be fought in all kinds of ways.
Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical warfare is present all around us and the sharper you develop your warrior mindset, the better your odds in seeing success and conquering any goal you seek to accomplish.
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