Who's In Your Corner In Your Life?

Who's In Your Corner In Your Life?

In martial arts your corner man is your coach. They're the one shouting at you to keep your head in the fight so you can win.

When we look at our day to day lives, we're always going into different battles in every aspect.

The real question is are we going into these battles alone or with a corner man?

You probably have a corner man right now and dont know it. You may also be a corner man to another person as well and don't know it.

After reading this news article, you'll understand what a Corner man is, why you should have one, and their role in elevating your life.

Let begin.

Never Fight Alone

There's no better example that would explain this concept than Batman & Alfred.

Picture yourself as the Hero Batman. Everyday & night you go out and fight crime( life challenges) and every battle you go into, you have Alfred(Your Corner Man) supporting you.

Having someone in your ear to provide you constant support when you're going through battles is a crucial advantage because you never want to go into a battle alone.

The more people you have fighting with you, the more likely you are to win.

You're corner man may not be able to fight your battle for you in a physical matter, they cant live your life for you.

They can however assist you in your fight by providing you perspective from the outside.

They can see things you cant in the heat of battle.

Think about it like this, you may be training for your first kickboxing competition.

Your Corner Man has seen you train every single day and from their observations. they'll know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Leading up to fight day, when your opponent is exploiting your weaknesses and you're having a hard time figuring out a counter plan...

Thats when your Corner Man gives you an outside perspective on how to counter what's in your way! This is how they provide you support.

Your Corner Man is an extra set of eyes, ears, and brain power that can help you conquer different obstacles in your life.

How They Elevate Your Life

I got this homeboy that I've known since high school and he has told me countless time how I have been a Corner Man in his life.

He's told me on numerous of occasions that being around me, talking, watching my videos, and everything I do has elevated his life to new heights.

Just yesterday he told me he's going to finally start a new skill and start truck driving school.

RastaRiek has greatly improved my life and helped me become the man I want to be. I’ve gained over 200 points in credit! I have created a business & started a new skill! And I’ve grown to be a better Man, friend and gain a fathom of knowledge I never knew. Even if you are a criminal, scammer, drug dealer, or even just struggling, you can change so much in a short period just from listening to his videos. I’ve accomplished so much in 5 months. Trust me it’s worth it.

Testimonial from Corey Young

Ironically enough, Corey was also my first and has been my only Corner Man during my Martial Arts journey.

During preparation for my first fight, Corey knew nothing about being an actual coach nor corner man and I had to teach him how to advise me properly when between rounds.

As we got older, I realized that in a way, Corey has been my Corner man in regards to elevating me as a better leader.

The way it worked is in order for me to continue being a great corner man to him, I had to work on myself & build myself so I can be the best corner man for him.

In return by being the best corner man for him, he was able to learn from me and use that same exact knowledge to help me elevate in my personal battles as well.

This is why together we are stronger but when alone, we're only as strong as our will to continue fighting.

I'll tell you right now, without him, or many other folks that have been in my corner, I wouldn't be writing this right now.

Having someone that can support you and elevate your life can take you to places you never thought you'd be.

Dont Have A Corner Man? I got you!

If you're someone or know someone that is constantly fighting battles alone.

A person that knows what its like to go through the dark alone trying to find your way out.

A person that who has the will to continue fighting but needs just a little extra support to make it through the fight...

I want to be that corner man for you.

I have been down that long lonely road and I understand first hand the hardships, pain, and sufferimg of going through life alone.

I'm blessed to say that I have found people that I can call my Corner Man and I value those people so much.

I want to do the same for you!

Regardless if you're striving to grow your mindset, achieve your fitness goals, or improve/acquire new skillsets Im here to help you .

If you're interested, click here to schedule you a call completely free and let's talk on how we can get you to the next level!


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