You CAN Smoke Weed & Still Be Successful

You CAN Smoke Weed & Still Be Successful

All these self help gurus will tell you that you need to quit smoking weed if you want to be successful.

They'll tell you all these things about how weed destroys the mind, how you become lazy, and continue this long list of reasons as to why you should quit smoking.

I say bullshit to all of it!

I used to listen to these self help gurus too and just like some of you I felt compelled to think weed is "bad' and "I'll never reach success" if I keep smoking, but then I took a moment to notice something..

For the past 5 years I have been smoking weed, I have actually accomplished more in my life than I ever have before!

Because of weed, I was able to spark the idea to start writing my first book.

I was able to open my my mind and grasp business concepts better. It helped me expand on my martial arts philosophy. It helps with my anxiety

It helped me see the world from a different lens and elevated my consciousness as a whole.

So there I am, sitting in my room thinking to myself, "If weed is so bad how is it I was able to still accomplish my goals in a timely manner?"

Then it hit me, weed won't hold you back from anything but it can hold you back if you abuse it and allow yourself to prioritize the high of purpose.

Let's talk about it.

Rastafari Values Encourage Success

Rastafari came into my life during the pandemic while we were on lockdown. I had started smoking weed a year prior but I never had no deep reason as to why I was smoking. I was just smoking it up.

When I started studying and research Rastafari culture more I found unique values that brought more life to my entrepreneur spirit. Reason being, January 2020 I was the closest I have ever been to giving up on entrepreneurship. ( Im glad I didn't)

Those values were:

  • Self Sufficiency

  • Healthy Living

  • Elevating Consciousness

These principles end up becoming the core foundations for my life because I noticed how all these areas ultimately helps an individual evolve as a person.

I first confirmed this sitting on the porch one day during lock down. It was a dark night and the moon was at its fullest. I stared into it and then just basked in the infinite view of space and suddenly I felt "my spirit" speak to me.

All the wisdom and knowledge I gain about Rastafari was answering questions that I had internally and it was as if i could hear all the answers at once and then suddenly it just happen.

I was higher than the cost of living but at the same time it felt like something had just switched on in me. Everything made since.

See in Rastafari, we use weed to elevate our minds to higher heights because with wisdom you can then create a better life for yourself with that new found knowledge.

The wisdom I was coming across is also what made me want to take entrepreneurship more seriously because man should be able to due for self at any moment of time.

Entrepreneurship is survival. It's a skill. It's how we can truly take control of our lives and create a life that we love.

Entrepreneurship is a skill that will give you freedom to live the life you want.

5 months after, I rebranded my business focusing on those exact values and I started seeing amazing growth on my social media and business.

Even though I was already smoking weed, before applying the Rastafari values my growth in business only went so far.

The moment I applied the rastafarian principles of elevating the mind and wanting do become self sufficient, I started seeing more growth in my business and life over all.

Elevate The Mind For Business

In the previous section I mentioned how elevating my mind grew my business; one of the key tools that help me expand my mind is... smoking weed lol! :D

Right before writing & publishing my first book, I was actually brain storming and thinking of different ways I could make money again online but in a simple way.

My previous way of making money online was selling workout plan PDFs but when I started to leave the realm of personal training, I took my workout plans with me.

Doing so left me without a product on my website so I had to act fast and introduce a new product to sell.

Then one particular Fall day, I was rolling a blunt at my desk while talking to a friend, and we were just having a deep conversation on goals we had in our lives.

I casually ended up bring up the notion of me wanting to be a Martial Arts philosopher at the time and I told her about my journal I was writing in for the past 2 years at the time(this was in 2020 still).

She ended up presenting me with the idea to just write a book and at first, I liked the idea but I put it of for a hot second because I never seen myself as an author.

A few days go by and Im rolling up a blunt again right from coming home from work. I grab my journal. The started writing down my thoughts and reflecting on my life like i normally do.

Then it hit me again, only this time my friend's advice along with the values of Rastafari started speaking to me again.

I was already writing my thoughts down on paper for free just because I loved doing it. It just made sense to take all that wisdom and put it into a BOOK so I can make money of what i was already doing!

See journaling has been and probably always will be one of my favorite ways of elevating my mind because writing helps you organize and make sense of your thoughts.

The better you can articulate your thoughts, the better you can share your message with others as well.

Pair journaling with weed and it lead me to writing my first book and a second volume a year after; selling hundreds of copies so far just from word of mouth (probably could've sold more if I was consistent with my content and new Ads lmao).

You can check out my books here if you like!

Knowing When To Stop

" Too much of anything will kill you."

~ Unknown

I believe weed is an amazing herb, its an amazing natural medicine, but we all ways have to practice moderation.

Just like with alcohol, you can smoke yourself to a point where you are entirely too high to function and this KILLS productivity and creativity!

Most ways people tend to find themselves over consuming weed is

  • Smoking at clubs/parties

  • eating edibles (Quickest way to get fucked up lol)

  • Smoking too fast

Usually any mass social events or distracting activities can lead to overconsumption.

Am I saying these are bad? No, of course not. It's okay to smoke with your friends at the park after work.

What you dont want is for that to be how you spend ALL your time smoking weed.

Set aside intentional time for yourself to smoke and just connect with your thoughts to grow your mind.

Get you a couple hits in right before doing house chores or exercise to improve your focus on the activity.

The more intentional you become with smoking weed, the less likely you are to abuse it and waste the potential.

Have fun but maximize every tool in your arsenal; weed is a tool.

So Whats The Word Rasta Man?

" We can achieve a life of freedom and purpose by just maximizing the skills and hobbies we already have within our arsenal.

~ Rasta Riek

Weed, cannabis, marijuana, whatever you want to call, it does not have to be a limiting factor on your path to success.

In fact, the moment I started incorporating the Rastafari values into my life, it has changed my relationship with weed entirely.

Who cares what those other self help gurus say. It's different strokes for different folks.

I hope the value you in this newsletter served you well. If so, screenshot this & tag me in it on Instagram @rastariek lmao!


The Rasta Man

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